Here are 30 animation techniques that can be achieved using CSS:

Fade In: Elements gradually appear on the screen.

Fade Out: Elements gradually disappear from the screen.

Slide In: Elements slide into view from a particular direction.

Slide Out: Elements slide out of view towards a particular direction.

Scale: Elements gradually grow or shrink in size.

Rotate: Elements rotate on their axis.

Spin: Elements continuously rotate in a circular motion.

Bounce: Elements bounce up and down.

Pulse: Elements expand and contract repeatedly.

Flash: Elements quickly appear and disappear.

Shake: Elements shake back and forth.

Flip: Elements flip over horizontally or vertically.

Skew: Elements deform along the horizontal or vertical axis.

Wipe: A gradient reveals or hides elements in a sweeping motion.

Blur: Elements gradually become blurry or clear.

Grayscale: Elements transition from color to grayscale or vice versa.

Hue Rotation: Elements change their hue on a color wheel.

Fill Color: Elements change their background or fill color.

Stroke Color: Elements change the color of their borders or strokes.

Opacity: Elements become transparent or opaque.

Keyframes: Create custom animations with multiple stages using @keyframes.

Path Animation: Animate elements along a specified path or curve.

Parallax: Create a sense of depth by moving elements at different speeds.

3D Transformation: Apply 3D transformations such as rotation, scaling, and translation.

Perspective: Create a 3D perspective view by defining a vanishing point.

Sticky Header: Keep a header fixed at the top of the screen as the user scrolls.

Dropdown Menu: Animate dropdown menus to appear and disappear smoothly.

Slideshow: Transition between multiple images or slides using CSS animations.

Loading Spinners: Create animated loading indicators or spinners.

Morphing Shapes: Transform one shape into another using CSS transitions or animations.

These are just a few examples of the animation techniques that can be achieved using CSS.

With creativity and experimentation, you can combine these techniques to create even more visually appealing and engaging animations for your web projects.